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Victorinox Chefmesser chinesische Form

Victorinox Chefmesser chinesische Form
Nothing beats a Chinese cleaver for an all-purpose cutting utensil!

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A Chinese cleaver can seem like a frighteningly large and treacherous knife. But with practice and proper technique, you’ll find it as safe as and even more versatile than the chef’s knife. A cleaver chops, slices and minces. It also smashes, mashes, scrapes and scoops.

Unlike the meat cleaver, the vegetable cleaver has a delicate, sharp edge, like a chef’s knife. It is used to cut vegetables and boneless meats; it also juliennes more finely than the chef’s knife. Victorinox’ cleavers are made of selected high-carbon stainless steel. As a result, the first-class quality of the steel and optimum hardness ensure the best possible edge retention with a minimum risk of breakage. The non-slip Fibrox handles can be sterilized at up to 150 degrees celsius, which makes them ideal for use in the kitchens of hotels, restaurants, catering companies and hospitals. What's more, Victorinox Cutlery is Swiss made and comes with a lifetime guarantee covering all material and manufacturing defects.

Spezifikation Küchenbeil
Serie SwissClassic
Verwendung Küchenbeil
Griffmaterial Fibrox
Klingenschliff glatter Schliff